In-Person Active Recruiting

Invitation is #1

o  Peer-to-peer invitation cards     Download our new Invitation Cards, distributed at Roundtable! 
o  Offer an incentive for youth to recruit other youth
o  Two weeks "no obligation"



Boy Talks in the Schools
Cub Scouting L

o  Cubmaster & Den Leaders
o  Target the afternoon of an openhouse, if possible
o  Bring Pinewood Derby cars
o  Have a giveaway pencil, sticker or other small item
o  Handout for parents


o  Check out this script for Boy Talks


Cards to the School Secretary


o  Make sure the school secretary has your card, or recruiting cards


School Open House

o  Get permission for a table; bring flyers and apps.
o  Sell the "after sports" and "two-week no obligation trial"


Run an Event
o  Do a public event for kids
o  Campfire, hike, water rockets, bike rodeo, paper airplane competition


Uniforms in School
o  On Den meeting day, have Scouts wear their uniforms (if allowed by school dress code).
o  Send them with invitation cards


At Sporting Events
o  Toward the end of soccer season in October, go to a game and approach parents with a flyer or invitation card.
o  Do this again after baseball


Other school events
o  Festivals, holiday fairs


Community fall festivals
o  Have a table at fall festivals
o  Help to run an activity, maybe bring the Pinewood track


o  Give out candy in a baggy with an invitation card
o   Do a float showing some of the fun things we do. Cubscoutfloat







Passive Recruiting and Advertising



What, when, who, how & where!
o    Public bulletin boards
o    Businesses:  Banks, hardware stores
o    Post in schools, if allowed.  Make sure to get permission from the SAU and/or principal first!


o   Wire Join Cub Scout signs
o    Larger intersection signs


Flyers in Schools Join Cub Scouts2 001
o     DWC will print for you
o     Get approved at the SAU office
o     Ideal to be sent home in a "Friday Folder."  Get counts from school secretary
o     Print extras to hand out at boy talks

Email Lists
Using a PDF of your flyer, send out to appropriate email lists in your community.
o    Your own list, asking all families to send out your flyer to their family, friends and networks, and to post at work.
o    Town email lists
o    Church lists
o    Chartering org's list


Make a JPG graphic of your poster and post it to Facebook.   Make sure you include your contact information in the  post.   Your unit doesn't have a Facebook page?  You should.   Learn how here.


Free Social Media
o   Post frequently
o   Ask friends to share with their family & friends — widening who sees it
o  Post a message on local FB pages:   Rec Department, PTO, youth sports, churches, school sites (if they'll let you), on the Troop's site,  your chartering organization's page, etc.
o  Pictures found on Google Images, BSA National marketing tools


Paid Social Media
o  Watch this video on advertising.
o  A note about pictures on Facebook Advertising
o  Create a page for your unit if you haven't already
o  "Boost" your ad
o  Target it by Zip Code
o  Advanced:  Target by age (parents 24-40)


News Releases
o  Let the local papers know that your pack is starting up again for the fall, when you'll be doing your first meeting, and who to contact for more information.




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